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Angela Kocherga

On this episode of We Are UT El Paso, Keith Pannell is joined by KTEP’s own News Director, Angela Kocherga. The two talk about the importance of learning about El Paso from someone who is actually from El Paso. Furthermore, Angela talks us through the unpredictable and chaotic world of journalism, especially when dealing with topics such as migration and the border in a border city such as El Paso. Being a journalist is not just presenting the public to what is happening, but why it is happening and what it means for everyone in this city. With various mediums presenting different perspectives, Angela highlights the importance of juggling what is right and wrong with what should be presented.

Angela Kocherga is KTEP News Director and also reports in the field on border issues including migration, the border security buildup, binational health, and trade. Her recent work earned a national and several regional Edward R. Murrow Awards. She is a 2019 recipient of the Maria Moors Cabot prize awarded by Columbia University for courageous reporting in Latin America in recognition of her body of work on the border and across Mexico.

This interview originally aired on May 24, 2024.

London, England’s Dr. Keith Pannell created Science Studio in 1987 and has hosted the show for more than thirty years. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Pannell provides listeners with a unique insight on the sciences. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at UTEP.
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