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We Are UT El Paso
Sunday's at 7PM (program airs during Spring and Fall semesters)

Keith Pannell, Professor of Chemistry, hosts a new weekly series of conversational programs featuring the creative faculty of the University of Texas at El Paso. Highlighting faculty from all colleges and departments the listener will access their individual stories describing the events that sparked their curiosity in their particular fields and their drive for excellence. From concert pianists and theatre actors and producers to world leading environmentalists and virologists, you will amazed at the talent and personalities of this group here in Far West Texas. It is this talent that has resulted in the fabled Carnegie R1 Status for our university.

Theme music for the radio program was provided by Dena Kay Jones. You can learn more about her music at

  • On this week’s episode of We Are UT, Keith Panell welcomes an unusual guest. A pharmacist that is a practicing attorney: Derek Davis.
  • On this episode of We Are UT El Paso, Keith Panel is joined by KTEP’s own News Director, Angela Kocherga. The two talk about the importance of learning about El Paso from someone who is actually from El Paso.
  • On this week’s episode of We Are UT, Keith Panel sits down with Dr. Dennis Bixler-Marquez, UTEP professor and director of Chicano Studies as they discuss his upbringing and what interested him in Chicano Studies and the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • n this week’s episode of We Are UT, Keith Panel is joined by associate professor of Biological Sciences at UTEP, Philip Lavretsky, to discuss how fishing during his childhood lead to Philip’s fascination with wild fowl genetics and the wild behavior of ducks and other birds.
  • In this episode of We Are UT, Keith Pannell sits down for a quick discussion with Grammy Award winning cellist, Zuill Bailey, to talk about his childhood passion for playing blossomed into being one of the more renowned cello players.
  • In this week’s episode of We Are UT, Keith Panel welcomes Dr. Raymond Rumpf, professor from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, to take a look back on how his childhood life in rural Pennsylvania led to him being a major influence in the work of electrical engineering.
  • In this episode of We Are UT El Paso, Dr. Michael Vinson Williams talks about his upbringing on a farm, and discusses his work and relation to the civil rights movement. He talks with Keith Pannell about some topics covered in the African American Studies Program.
  • On this week’s episode of We Are UT, Keith Pannell is joined by the Vice President for Research at UTEP, Dr. Ahmad M. Itani, to discuss his journey through his early life in Beirut, Lebanon during the Civil War.
  • Dr. Fitzpatrick discusses her career with Keith Pannell on We Are UT El Paso and her study of the laws of physics, the Goldilocks zone, and aerosols or particulars suspended in fluids.
  • On this week’s episode of We ARE UT, Keith Pannell sits down with Dr. Lindsey Macchiarella to discuss her origins, musicology and cross medium aesthetics and comparisons between light and sound in music.