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Science Studio
Sundays at 7pm

Science Studio is a fascinating 30-minute look into the ever progressing world of science. For nearly fifteen years, the show has taken in depth looks into all aspects of scientific researches and discoveries. Hosts Dr. Keith Pannell and Dr. Russell Chianelli, discuss their concerns on health and the environment. With two educated science connoisseurs, Science Studio helps you understand the inner workings of today’s science.

Science Studio also features Medical Discovery News, a weekly program that provide insights into a broad range of biomedical science topics. Biomedical science is research that addresses human health – from the study of important molecules, to clinical trials of new drugs and therapies. The story of these areas is a window on the future of medicine. We will also offer important basic information about your health. Our hope is that these episodes stimulate you to think, question and appreciate how science impacts you and your world. Medical Discovery News is produced by the University of Texas Medical Branch. 

  • Wrapping up the reviews in the different fields of science, Professor Jorge Lopez and Professor Leo Bañuelos visit the studio to talk about particles that communicate but no one knows how, black holes, dark energy and plagiarism on research papers.
  • Chemistry Professor Keith Pannell, at the University of Texas at El Paso, talks to the Chair for the Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences Department and fellow professor from the same department, Hugo Gutierrez.
  • Chemistry Professor, Keith Pannell talks to fellow peers in the Biology department at the University of Texas at El Paso, Department chair Bruce Cushing along with fellow professor Philip Lavretsky about the recent discoveries there have been in the Biology field.
  • Chemistry Professor at UTEP, Keith Pannell, talks to fellow peers in the chemistry department: Skye Fortier and Ricardo Bernal about the recent advances and discoveries there have been in the chemistry field such as a new drug helping during the development of Alzheimer’s, the newly acquired Greenpeace opposition to plastic recycling, Click Science and more.
  • Director Alex Mayer and Associate Director Elizabeth J. Walsh for the Center For Environmental Resource Management (CERM) unpack unpack all the facts through a yearly review in Environmental Sciences.
  • Keith Pannell welcomes Dr. Bharathi Gadad to Science Studio, along with Laura O’Dell.
  • Keith Pannell talks with Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro about his interest in fruit flies
  • Keith Pannell welcomes an old friend to Science Studio. Anil Mangla returns to talk about his position as the state epidemiologist in Washington DC.
  • Dr. Miguel José Yacamán returns to Science Studio to talk about nano materials with Keith Pannell.
  • Chemistry professor Keith Pannell welcomes Professor Jorge Lopez and Professor Art Duval to Science Studio in a special program where we look over the major advances in mathematics and physics.