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Madame Fromage’s Adventures In Cheese

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

Tenaya Darlington joins KTEP BookClub with Host Louie Saenz to share her knowledge and love for Cheese! During the holidays for 2023, she was working at a Brussel workshop to learn more about cheeses in Belgium. Tenaya is an educator and a journalist. She grew up in the midwest Iowa and Wisconsin. With a Swiss mother, wanted to teach them about cheese so would bring Tenaya and her siblings cheese boards with different types of cheese and that is where Tenaya found her love with cheese. Tenaya also gives us a tour on her experience of living in Wisconsin for college and how it all started. In her book, she takes us on an adventure learning that women were the first ones to make cheese! Come and Join KTEP Bookclub to listen more on “Madame Fromage’s Adventures in Cheese,” written by Tenaya Darlington.

Book publishing date: September 12 2023

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Originally aired on February 4, 2024

Louie Saenz has been in the news broadcasting business for over thirty years. He has been a News Anchor and Reporter for KDBC-TV, KOAT-TV in Albuquerque, NM and KTSM-TV in El Paso. Saenz earned a degree in Journalism from NMSU, and a Masters in Communication from UTEP. He is currently the News & Public Affairs Director for KTEP-FM, and a lecturer in the Communication Department. He is also the host of Focus on Campus and co-host on El Paso Prime Time.
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