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A Whisper To A Scream


Side A
In another but not distant era of ‘classic radio’ when a radio station would play a set of what we refer to as ‘chill’ songs or ‘slow jams’, they would call it something like, “The Quiet Storm”; as in (in a low near whispering voice) “Welcome back to ‘the quiet storm’, up next Christopher Cross,” Today we have bands such as our latest El Paso success, Cigarettes Aftersex (CAS). Popular regionally due to the leader of the band having done time as a Miner at UTEP but also because the music is a familiar (to some) blend of classic golden era pop rock arrangement ala Richie Valens but produced similar to the reverbed out calm ‘shoe gaze’ of Jesus & Mary Chain (without the Sonic Youth style feedback), underlying an ear sensation of a sweet whispering singing style. None of CAS’ songs will be on the dance floor but all will live very intimately in our ears, and whispering directly to the band's fans of young souls.

After Andy recounts his triumph at finally attending a 1975 concert in Phoenix, Robbie describes the scene at the recent sold-out Cigarettes Aftersex show at Don Haskins arena as Chris compares what he saw of CAS’ live stream from Austin City Limits Festival from his couch with his dog chillin' next to him. Both descriptions say the same thing: Screaming female hysteria (ala Beatles and yes early Duran Duran). Why? SONGMINE digs deep to find out in conversation, breaking down the ‘formula’ and playing songs from CAS’s known influences as well as pointing to some artists' styles similar throughout the ‘mine’ of more recent and history of pop…so far.

Side B
Guest (Musician and old friend/band mate of Chiris) Dave Goldman (“Goldie”) joins they guys to help out on the recording and digs a bit too, offering his recount of 80’s music nostalgia in clubs by 1992. All this a plenty of thematic gems of jams dug up from the mine.

No heat in this episode. Just a chill dig this time in the mine. SONGMINE

Roberto Avant-Mier (PhD, University of Utah) is an Associate Professor and Research Fellow in the Department of Communication at The University of Texas at El Paso, and he is also affiliated faculty in Chicano Studies at UTEP. <br/>
For his thesis project, Host/Producer/Editor, El Paso native, Chris Telles is utilizing the assets at the University of Texas at El Paso as a ‘lab’ to build what he aspires to become an updated foundation of media delivery and content incubated and generated for and by students via KTEP, by expanding the platform including streaming and ‘podcast’.
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