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Dr. Elizabeth Walsh

ACT Radio Host

Liz Walsh is a Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso. She is also a member of the national Sierra Club Wildlife & Endangered Species Activist Team. Dr. Walsh also serves on the Executive Committee of the El Paso Regional Sierra Club Group, and as a board member of the Vegetarian Society of El Paso. Liz is also interim president of the Vegetarian Society of El Paso.

  • Tom Linney and Liz Walsh have a conversation with Faye Yuan, a curator and producer who wrote the documentary, Miles To Go Before She Sleeps and will talk about her goal to spread awareness for animal abuse and mistreatment.
  • Sea Shepherd has kicked off Operation Milagro X in the Upper Gulf of California. Operation Milagro X collaborates to protect the endangered vaquita porpoise. Roger Fisk discusses how he got involved in animal issues and the work that Sea Shepherd is working on.
  • Tom and Liz had a conversation with Reshma Shah an Associate Professor in the Practice of Marketing at Goizueta
  • Tom and Liz have a conversation with Michael Webber acclaimed filmmaker Michael Webber, director of the hit documentary The Conservation Game.
  • Tom and Liz have a conversation with Thomas Jackson who is currently the founder of the Compassion Project, a multi-production company, and discusses how our daily food choices impact our health and even our love for animals.