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LaTina Turner

SONGMINE welcomes El Paso celebrity entrepreneur, DJ and activist, Marina Monsisvias for a “deep dig” into her wonderful and consequential work throughout El Paso and Texas. Ms. Monsisvais explains how music has influenced just about everything she does and wants to do. Humbled by her efforts and energy, Robbie, Andy & Chris geek about it all with a mine full of thematically selected (and timely) tunes. Who else do you know who’s attended 52 live music performances this year, alone?! Such dedication and devotion to music deserves a special title. Chris anoints Marina her chosen pseudonym: “LaTina Turner.”

Later Robbie is forced to endure a recount and notes of Andy’s “Sphere” experience with U2, as Marina continues to inspire and show why she is a perfect guest in the mine… SONGMINE.

Come back anytime, Ms. "LaTina Turner"!

Roberto Avant-Mier (PhD, University of Utah) is an Associate Professor and Research Fellow in the Department of Communication at The University of Texas at El Paso, and he is also affiliated faculty in Chicano Studies at UTEP. <br/>
For his thesis project, Host/Producer/Editor, El Paso native, Chris Telles is utilizing the assets at the University of Texas at El Paso as a ‘lab’ to build what he aspires to become an updated foundation of media delivery and content incubated and generated for and by students via KTEP, by expanding the platform including streaming and ‘podcast’.
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